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L'Ermas, Gîtes en Provence
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Whether you came to rest, to do some sport, to learn more about the culture or maybe to do all of this; you will find your dream holiday at L'Ermas and its surrounding area.
Here's a very reduced list of what you can do :
What to do on the premises :-rest and suntanning sessions around the swimming pool
-walks around l'Ermas over 8ha of "garrigue" (typical Southeastern flora)
-hiking departures to the Ventoux,
                              to the Combes de Veaux
within a 10 km/6miles radius :-visit of Malaucène
-walks in the Gorges du Toulourenc
-Vaison la Romaine, its Roman archaeological remains, its Choralies
-climbing the Ventoux (walking or cylcling) departures
between 20km/12miles and 50km/31 miles :-the Mont Ventoux
-Carpentras, its berlingots (which are a traditional delicacy)
-the Dentelles de Montmirail
-Orange, its Roman archaeological remains, its Chorégies
-Avignon, its Festival,  the Palais des Papes and the famous bridge
Also, the "provençiaux" markets are a must-see. Starting with ours :

Malaucène, on Wednesday morning

but also :
Vaison la Romaine, on Tuesday morning
Bédoin, on Monday morning
Nyons, on Thursday morning
Carpentras, on Friday morning

and many others....Ask us...
Malaucène :

Sculpture du Beffroi de Malaucène
In addition to its fountains and wash houses, to its narrow streets lined with picturesque-traditional houses, you also need to visit the gothic church. Indeed, the sculpted throne and the great organs are particularly interesting to see since the Church was built in the 14th century when Malaucène was the Popes' "holiday home". If you go up the Calvary, you will see a 360° panorama and you will even be able to see l'Ermas!
You cannot leave Malaucène without going to the Grozeau, famous for its Chapel and the spring.
Gorges du Toulourenc :From the Hameau de Veaux, you can go up walking in the Toulourenc river which is spread over several kilometers to the village of Saint Léger (about 4km and 3 hours walking). It is advisable to wear walking shoes and a bathing suit under your shirt. Indeed, you will need to go into the water at some point. It is very enjoyable and you can do it with your friends and family.
Mont Ventoux :

Le Géant de Provence
The Giant of Provence cannot be ignored in our region; the cycling enthusiasts (just like the professionals during the Tour de France) know it well and they dread it going up the Mont Ventoux. As soon as the weather gets mild again, they rush straight to its slopes. Also, the walkers pace its footpaths (the GR9 for instance) both daytime and at night for those who want to see a sunrise they will never forget.
1912 meters high, the Mont Ventoux is classified as Biosphere Reserve and Natura 2000 in consequence of the diversity of the fauna and flora. Skiing enthusiasts also like the Mont Ventoux thanks to the Mont Serein ski resort which is well equipped to do all kinds of glide (both in winter and summer as it is possible to ski on the grass).
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Vaison la Romaine :

Vaison la Romaine
It's not called like this for nothing. In the Roman archaeological remains cannot be ignored such as the Ancient theatre, the Villasse area, the Puymin or the Roman bridge. Also, you can see the cathedral which combine both Roman and Gothic arts. Vaison is also what we call a European "choral city". The Choralies happen every 3 year and the choral group called the Choeur Européen is held all year long in Vaison la Romaine.
Carpentras :It is the capital of the Comtat Venaissin,  there you can see the oldest synagogue of France. Also, you can find a number of architectural monuments. Carpentras is where you can taste the best strawberries and the town is well known for its truffes market and the berlingots.
Dentelles Montmirail :

Les Dentelles de Montmirail

You can do some rock-climbing on the 100 meters high cliffs (there are more than 600 different ways for every level on the 3 crests that the Dentelles are made of). You have the possibility to go hiking (a 40km/25miles circuit where you can walk from an hour and a half to 6 hours and take the GR4 more particularly), and you will see a beautiful wonderland.
Orange :You can see loads of Roman archaeological remains in this town too; the most famous one being the Ancient theatre which is the best-preserved one in Europe. The Chorégies are held there every year and they are known all around the world. 
Avignon :

Avignon is the main city of the Vaucluse department. In the 14th century, the town was the Popes' home, and still today Avignon has an international reputation thanks to its "Palais des Papes", the famous bridge (known thanks to the song) and of course the Festival.  It is also a listed UNESCO world heritage site.
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