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After the winter slumber, life starts again at l'Ermas. At the beginning of March, we grow our first plantation of salads under the greenhouse. You need to remember we are located at the Northern side of the Mont Ventoux, as a consequence morning freeze can be really bad for the young plantations.
les asperges
Then, we go on growing both green and snap peas, and radish; while we get our summer crop ready: green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, aubergine and courgette...
les plantations en mai
la première plantation de salades

Asparagus (green only because we like them better) are our first harvest of the year from the beginning of April until mid-May.
plantations au printemps
...after a month, everything has grown well: the green beans already climb up the wire, the courgette start to blossom and the aubergine "attack" their pole.

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