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We grow several varieties of tomatoes for the taste of it such as round, beefsteak and cocktail tomatoes.
Bees don't like tomato flowers and in order not to use an artificial pollinator, we use bumblebees by installing a beehive under the greenhouses...
ruche sous parasol
When it gets really hot, we install the beehive in the greenhouse under a sun umbrella to prevent it from the heat.
During summer, we grow about 1600 salads a week...
But we can't put them all on our stall because we have a lot of losses.
In order to keep them as fresh as possible, we cut the salads in the morning right before going to the market.
plantations au mois de juin
When the weather gets nicer, we need to prevent the greenhouses from the heat and shade them with lime paint (which goes off under the rain). We do that so the summer heat don't wither the plantations.
les tomates en été

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